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Destination Dance Hawaii offers the a variety of different performing arts:






Private Dance Lessons

Pre-Pointe | Pointe


Leaps & Turns



Piano Lessons

Musical Theatre

Private Vocal Lessons

Glee Club

Progressing Ballet Technique

Adult Classes

Teen: 13 to 15

Senior: 16 to 19

Adult: 20+

Petite: 3 to 5

Mini: 6 to 8

Junior: 9 to 12


Expand Your Dance Horizons with the Dance Passport Program! 2_edited.png


All TRIALS start here!

Beginner Level

Our beginner level dance classes are designed for those who are new to dance or have limited experience. In these classes, we focus on building a strong foundation of fundamental techniques and basic dance vocabulary. Students will learn proper body alignment, coordination, and musicality while exploring different dance styles. Our supportive instructors provide step-by-step guidance to help beginners gain confidence and develop their skills in a welcoming and encouraging environment.

Intermediate Level

Our intermediate level dance classes are perfect for dancers who have a solid understanding of the basics and are ready to progress to the next level. In these classes, we continue to refine technique and expand movement vocabulary. Students will engage in more complex combinations, challenging their coordination, strength, and flexibility. Emphasis is placed on artistic expression, musicality, and performance quality. With a focus on individual growth, our instructors provide constructive feedback and encourage students to explore their unique style and artistry.

Advanced Level

Our advanced level dance classes cater to experienced dancers who possess a high level of technical proficiency and artistry.  Advanced classes focus on intricate and demanding choreography, advanced technical elements, and nuanced musical interpretation. Our experienced instructors provide detailed feedback, guiding dancers to achieve greater precision, artistic depth, and emotional connection to their movements. The advanced level is ideal for those seeking to excel in dance and pursue professional opportunities in the field.

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