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Class pricing is dependent on the length of class time and level of class.​

While we do not have contracts - those who enroll (that is commit to taking a space, is committed for the month).  We bill on the 1st (or upon enrollment) and collect within 15 days later.  We charge "per session".   For those who select not to commit, you may use our "drop-in" program for a slightly higher fee, however space is not guaranteed.  For more specific questions regarding billing, please feel free to email us at  ​

Age Ranges
Petite (3 to 5)

Mini (6 to 8)

Junior (9 to 11)

Teen (12 to 14)

Senior (15 to 19)

Adult (20+)

45 minute classes - Enrolled:  $12.50 (plus GeTax) | Drop-In: $17.50 (plus GeTax)

60 minute classes - Enrolled:  $16.25 (plus GeTax) | Drop-In: $21.25 (plus GeTax)

75 minute classes - Enrolled:  $20.00 (plus GeTax) | Drop-In: $26.25 (plus GeTax)

90 minute classes - Enrolled:  $23.75 (plus GeTax) | Drop-In: $28.75 (plus GeTax)

There is a $25.00 (plus GeTax) registration fee that is assessed per year.

Unlimited Program
Destination Dance Hawaii is proud to offer our "Unlimited Program".  When an avid dancer enrolls in multiple classes, sometimes the tuition can be daunting, however with D2HI Unlimited Program, we cap your tuition at a flat rate of $275.00 (plus GeTax).  In simple terms, in all basic genres of dance, your tuition should not exceed $275.00 (plus GeTax).  Note that you may not stack discounts (i.e. Military Discounts, etc.) and speciality classes do not apply (i.e. Ballroom, Master, Workshops, etc).  Additionally, students must stay within their age/technique based genres.



Absences should be reported by the Parents/Guardian (and/or Student) via the Parent Portal or on the Destination Dance Hawaii app.  Click Parent Portal -> Click Attendance -> Report Absence


Some programs require a certain percentage of attendance to maintain membership in the program or to be eligible for certain scholarships or awards.

Absences will be determined to be excused or unexcused by our Admin department. Examples of excused absences can be medical,
family emergencies, etc.  Admin will determine reasonably where the absences fits.  If they are unable to determine, it will be pushed to owners for disposition.  


Students with multiple, back-to-back, medical may be required to submit a doctors note prior to returning.  We appreciate everyones understanding.

Competition Team

Our all inclusive team is easy to join!  We may require a "placement" audition to better serve you and the team.  You must be in an Unlimited status in order to join the team, with the exception if you are only participating in VOICE or HIP-HOP.

$50.00 (plus GeTax) per month for Unlimited status members (for the duration of the season).

$65.00 (plus GeTax) per month for those NOT in an unlimited status (for the duration of the season.

Make-Up Classes

Destination Dance Hawaii studio has been opened since November 1, 2021.  When we started we were able to open starting with a few classes per genre.  As we build, we are working to offer additional classes.  (These will be annotated on the class schedule with a "(B)"). We only offer make-up classes in those particular classes.  If those are not available, we will do our best to accommodate you with an alternate genre.  We do NOT offer refunds for missed classes.  In the event we cancel or change a class, we will credit your account with the appropriate tuition credit (this does not apply to unlimited students).  This policy will change as we continue to add additional classes to better serve you.

Refund Policy

Refunds are not offered for tuition, we will first apply it to a credit to your account whenever possible.

Refunds are not offered on food items.

Exchanges for SWAG will be offered first prior to refunding.

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