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Interested in joining a team that fosters education, teamwork, and the experience of being on stage? Destination Dance Hawaii is an all inclusive team that prides itself in our dedication to dance, voice and performing arts technique.  While trophies and awards are nice, they are not our primary mission.  The goal is to give each student and experience they will remember, to make improvements from professionals, and to meet/serve with teammates they will remember for a lifetime.

While we do not have contracts in a large studio aspect and because the Competition Team is a team that is dependent on each other, we do have requirements that must be followed in order to maintain our team integrity.

Auditions are strictly for placement of the student (Novice, Future Gem, & Elite).   We will place you in the correct field based on your age, technique, and competition experience.  Ultimately the directors (in coordination with the Dance Director) will place your student appropriately. 


  • You must communicate often and early.

  • You must be in an Unlimited Status, with the exception of those who will only compete in Voice or Hip-Hop.

  • Your account must be in good standing.

  • You must maintain an 80% in all classes (on or off the competition team).  Excused absences generally do not count.  Excused absences for example: illness, pre-approved time off, anything deemed excused by Admin in advanced.  If you are late more than 15 minutes, that is counted as an absence.

  • You must participate in the annual recital.

  • You must participate in Spotlight Regionals in Hawaii.

  • You must participate in Spotlight Nationals.  (2023 will be in Seaside, Or)

  • You must have a good sportsmanship attitude.  (This includes parents)

  • Attend Competition Team Meetings (You will receive at least 15 days notice).


Released from Competition Team:

In the unlikely event you or your student violate any of the policies of the team, you may be released from the team with NO REFUND of past payments (to include costumes, registration, etc).  Prior to being released, Destination Dance Hawaii will provide a warning IN WRITING.


Things to anticipate:​

  • Competition team can be costly

    • Monthly tuition is $325.00 (plus GeTax) for Unlimited Members.​

    • Voice/Hip-Hop only participants is general tuition + $65.00 (plus GeTax) per month.

    • Costumes (per number) can range from $0.00 to $100.00 depending on the number.

    • Registration Fees can range around $150.00 to $200.00 depending on Regionals or Nationals.

    • Solo's/Duo's/Trio's also have a registration fee ranging from $65.00 to $150.00 per number.

    • Title Holders should anticipate a $215.00 or more registration fee.

    • Private Lessons for choreography (Generally, $20.00 (plus GeTax) Studio Fee per hour + Choreographers Fee (Ranging from $25.00-$40.00 per hour).  

    • Flights/Hotel/Food are not included.



Destination Dance Hawaii will support fundraising efforts by parents and/or teams.  Please note that you may not solicit businesses on behalf of Destination Dance Hawaii.  We highly recommend that at the beginning of competition season you network with your fellow teammates.  All officially sponsored fundraising events will be announced by Destination Dance Hawaii.  Proceeds will be split equally between all that attended or participated.  

Bottomline is the more effort you put into your fundraising efforts, the more it will offset your costs for competition.

Solo's, Duo's & Trio's:

If you wish to have a solo, duo, or trio, you should meet with a genre specific (Jazz, Lyrical, Hip-Hop, etc) director to start the coordination with a plan.  The teacher will be responsible (with student/parent) to book the appropriate appointments.  Teachers identify early those they have selected personally, so please contact teachers early.  Just because a teacher didn't pick you, doesn't mean you can't do one, but keep in mind that space is limited.

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